Cert NZ Business online security assessment tool

by | Jun 27, 2024 | News, Security

A Personal Encounter with Cert NZ’s Assessment Tool.

Have you recently received an email about cyber-security that set off your system’s alarms? It’s ironic isn’t it?

That was my recent experience with an email from Cert NZ. Despite the initial warning, the email turned out to be legitimate and introduced an excellent simple self-assessment tool for businesses

An unverified email from CertNZ, but the address, links and links turned out to be genuine!

The tool is not only free and simple to use but also readily available. It’s called the Business Online Security Assessment Tool, and it’s designed to help you own your online presence.

It’s only 5-10 mins, anonymous, and gives a simple useful checklisk you can use.

For those looking for a deeper dive,

we’ve got an advanced

IT cyber-discovery assessment.

This service goes beyond the basics, allowing you to thoroughly assess your risk and determine the appropriate level of investment for your business.

What sets this service apart is its customisation. It’s not a generic checklist or a sales pitch. Instead, it’s a tailored review that takes into account your specific policies, processes, and business risks.

The assessment involves up to 50 questions covering technical and governance aspects, followed by a 90-minute interview with your representatives.


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