Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud, Servers, PCs, Laptops and Mobile devices. We cover it all.

Less problems


Stuck in a break-fix nightmare? You just need your IT to work.  You just need KARE.



The ‘”Kinetics Method” brings an annual planning process, aligns our work programme to your objectives and holds us to account.

Fixed Cost Option


Reliable IT systems at reliable cost.  Enjoy more certainty on your IT spend using us as a Managed Service Partner.



Layered cyber-security to reduce your risk of cyber-attack, to give you peace of mind and to fit your budget.

No stress


We free our clients to focus on their core business functions by taking the worry out of owning a computer network.

Flexibility. For you.

Choose a plan that suits your business


Baseline IT support providing you with planning, monitoring, pragmatic cyber-security and reporting

  • Annual Strategic IT planning workshop, using our structured “FlightPlan” system to build out a roadmap that matches your priorities.
  • Regular and transparent reporting, including monthly health reports and a quarterly IT business review to ensure strategic objectives are being met.
  • EDR is “Antivirus plus”. The licenses are all included in KARE Foundation. It combines AI, cloud computing and machine learning to give state of the art protection. Full EDR adds to AV with advanced threat detection. It uses “Behavioural Analytics “ to go beyond known signature libraries which are based on past activities and combines it with AI/Machine Learning to look holistically at patterns to detect live activity threats.
  • Security Awareness Education, such as quarterly eLearning courses, Phishing tests and annual security presentations to your staff, because human error remains the biggest vulnerability in modern IT systems.
  • Safe Links and Safe Attachments – Mail Attachment and Link Protection and Web Browser Protection (DNS Filtering / Scrubbing) are included for basic cyber threat prevention.  We ‘scrub’ your emails and test URLs in your web browser.
  • Maintain backups on specified servers, devices and cloud systems.  We even include the backup software licenses, and a monthly stand-up test in the cloud to make sure your server backups are working.
  • Patching servers and laptops/PCs including Windows, Office and common desktop software   Keeping your software up to date is critical to cyber-security and it has to be done regularly, not just when you have time.
  • Darkweb monitoring – Pwned is the term given to personal information that has been stolen or leaked and is now available on the Dark Web.  This information is typically stolen from online services with well-known examples including LinkedIn and Sony.  These are not breaches of your company’s security. Kinetics KARE Foundation uses your primary email domain and checks for leaks associated with those email addresses and alerts you so your staff can ensure their passwords are changed.
  • MFA Setup and Management – Ensure all users are protected by Multi-Factor Authentication on Microsoft and other supported SaaS tools.
  • Microsoft 365 Exception Reporting for basic activity anomaly alerts such as an anonymous document.
  • Active Directory Privileges monitoring – checking elevated rights for users (Server only).
  • Shadow IT detection – Detect and list the SaaS (web) tools in use by users on supported devices – so you know all the tools in use on your IT platform.

Excludes ad-hoc IT support, new projects and major upgrades.


When cyber-security really counts, add additional layers to further reduce your risk from attacks.

This option adds to the FOUNDATION plan with:

  • Vigilance 24/7 EDR Endpoint Detection and Response – Protect your devices 24/7 because work-from-home is now work anytime, anywhere, and the cloud is always on.
  • Vigilance 24/7 365 Activity Monitoring – Protect your 365 account 24/7 because work-from-home is now work anytime, anywhere, and the cloud is always on.
  • 365 Online Backup – Backups up your 365 email and Teams/SharePoint files (* also available separately).
  • 365 Email Scrubbing – Additional email review and testing to stop attacks even before they get to your emaikl system.
  • Password Vault – because every site or app you use needs a discrete and complex password, and a vault makes sure you can remember them all. (* also available separately).
  • Breach Activity Scans, Month Internal Network Security Scan and Deep Vulnerability Scan – Combination of ongoing event detection on servers, and vulnerability scans because pen-testing is at a point in time, but your network is up 24/7 and needs to be checked 24/7 – [Only applies for sites with servers, neither included nor charged for if there is no server].


Add the provision of ad-hoc IT support so you will have greater certainty for planning your IT costs.

This option adds to the FOUNDATION plan with:

  • Day to day IT support. (during working hours).
  • Scales up and down monthly as your headcount and device fleet numbers change.

Excludes after hours support, new projects and major upgrades.

REQUIREMENTS Software versions must be currently covered by manufacturer and antivirus, backup and firewall software under current maintenance contracts with the supplier.

Optional – Add ITMaaS.

Real vCIO and vCISO services, on contract.

(fractional IT Manager)  ITMaaS is FOR businesses that don’t want a full time IT manager on staff.

IT is only a means to an end – achieving organisational objectives.

“Making your IT work for you” isn’t just about making your IT work. It’s about making sure it does the job you need, to help your organisation and your people achieve their goals. 

If IT means more to you than PCs, Servers, Internet and the Cloud, then you will be expecting your IT to drive organisational success.

It means you have a more sophisticated and dynamic need, recognising that IT now underpins so much more of your operations than ever before. As your IT starts to look more like digital transformation, and you access your business processes through online tools, or mobile apps and look for insight from your data, then you need your IT support to match.

Optionally add IT-Manager-as-a-Service (ITMaaS) to engage with a structured program to manage ALL your IT.

  • the right IT and DATA policies to meet your stakeholder obligations,
  • IT processes that are fit for purpose and match business processes,
  • documentation and change control in place,
  • solutions selected to meet business needs – streamlined and automated processes, rich and applicable analytics, innovations to give you competitive advantage,
  • empowered staff, supported and included in the IT progression,
  • clear accountabilities and expectations with AI IT-related partners and vendors, and
  • above all, a strategy and roadmap so you can plan your future.

KARE. Our way.

Doing things the same way gives the same result.