Microsoft Copilot and

AI Data Readiness

Microsoft 365 Copilot is your productivity turbo-charger.

75% of C-suite executives believe that they need to scale AI or risk going out of business.

CEO World Magazine

AI Example: Copilot writes your documents for you.

Microsoft 365 Copilot leverages artificial intelligence to assist creating and editing documents, presentations, emails, and more.

Copilot generates content based on your input and context. Users ask Copilot to write a summary, a bullet point list, a table, or a paragraph on a specific topic, all in in natural language. Copilot formats documents, add citations, and creates images and charts.

AI Example: Find the information you need faster

Your smart research assistant, find higher-quality content, suggest relevant information, and provides feedback and guidance along the way.

Copilot improves productivity and creativity by suggesting relevant information and insights from trusted sources. Ask Copilot to find facts, data, quotes, or examples that support your idea. Copilot helps you avoid plagiarism and ensures that your content is original and accurate.

AI Example: Boost efficiency and teamwork.

Microsoft Copilot saves time, improves productivity, and enhances collaboration.

Copilot enhances your collaboration and communication by providing feedback and guidance on content. Just ask Copilot to check your grammar, spelling, tone, and style. Copilot improves clarity, coherence, and readability and tailors content to your audience and purpose.

Don’t wait - AI is ready for you NOW

Microsoft 365 Copilot is your productivity turbo-charger

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AI and Microsoft Copilot is ready for you TODAY

But are you ready?

More importantly, is your data ready?



Garbage in = garbage out.

So – Are YOUR data & documents WORTHY?

Can it be treated as being a collection of

VALUABLE information assets?

Is your data ready for AI?

Is it clean relevant, and current ?

Your AI investment relies on your Copilot AI work requests (“prompts”) to generate quality output.

Copilot learns from your data in your organisation’s 365 to form the basis of content that it will generate for you.



There is a lot of work to be done and we have expertise and tools to make it easy for you and get it right.

Your data needs to be:

If your data is incomplete, Copilot may hallucinate.  To get the best output, we help ensure Copilot has access to all the relevant data.

If you have multiple copies of data with differing versions and conflicting information then Copilot may amplify the confusion.  We help identify and resolve.

Old content will be used unless it is updated.. For example, Copilot will reference old data such as outdated product descriptions, obsolete pricing schedules, superseded policies.  We will help create a process to create data freshness.

Private and confidential data needs to be kept private, but how will Copilot know what data to exclude from its learning?  We help you configure Copilot to restrict access to information.

What are the other benefits of grooming your data?

Introducing 365 DATA KARE

For Microsoft Copilot -AI Readiness and Ongoing data LLM Health


Analyse your 365 data to identify and understand your risks
  • Find redundant copies of content
  • Locate obsolete out-dated content
  • Review Access Permissions and understand where you have sensitive and overshared content in Microsoft 365
  • Define business needs and document “rules”


Work through the priorities to get your data in shape

Agreed set Fee

  • Eliminate redundant copies of content
  • Remove obsolete out-dated content
  • Tighten Access Permissions
  • Apply tags and metadata
  • Implement polices to match business needs and rules *( subject to 365 functionality)


Now that your data is ‘clean’, keep it that way.
Fixed monthly Fee to maintain your content
  • Alert on exceptions *( subject to 365 functionality)
  • Monthly reports
  • Quarterly data reviews


OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint


Adds PowerPlatform

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