Security, Trust and Compliance

The cyber security environment has never been more challenging, and your data has never been more precious.

All organisations have to work harder than ever to take all reasonable steps to protect personal data – data of their staff, clientrs, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

It’s a huge responsibility we all share.

Our pledge to you is that we are up for the challenge and, as a trusted IT partner, our goal is to lead by example. 

Andrew Hunt

CEO, Kinetics Group


As a trusted IT partner, Kinetics is constantly reviewing protections available and applying them to clients.  At the same time, we apply them to ourselves.  We don’t just offer our KARE for Security 1 and 2 plans that we offer to clients, but we also use them ourselves.


We work hard to stay abreast of industry trends, publications and updates.   MAny of these are deeply technical and we activley share these with our internal colleagues.  Where appropriate, we share security awareness and tips with our clients and community through our messaging and social media channels.

We actively run security awareness training for our staff, and the staff of our clients, and regular webinars to educate our community.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Kinetics understands our obligations to protect the personal data we hold.  We only hold data we need to manage our business or support our clients, and ensure all staff understand their obligations through regular briefings and in employment contracts.

Our privacy statement is :


As an IT company, with a lot of techncial employees, it is easy to focus on technical solutions to data security.  We realise that this is only part of the solution, so we also maintain a “security squad” who consider practices and behaviours as well. 

This squad operates as the cyber equivalent of a health and safety committee, with representatives from across the business who’s job is to think about how we act and how to ensure we are more security-aware in our everyday actions.