Cloud and Hybrid Solutions

Find the right solution. For you

With so many options, you need independent advice

How do you decide?


Which cloud solutions are right for you?

It’s hard to keep up with all the cloud options so you need someone who can advise you. But many IT companies are busy trying to sell you their cloud : how do you know who to trust?

On-premise IT. Hybrid. Co-Hosting.  Infrastructure-As-A-Service.  Software-As-A-Service. Public cloud. Private Cloud.  Microsoft Office365.  Azure. Amazon or a New Zealand host?

Kinetics is different – because we don’t sell any one particular cloud, we are uniquely able to help you find the right option for your business.   We’ll work with you to understand your business, financial and security requirements.   We’ll work through each relevant option with you.

Then you can make the right business decision, confident you are Making IT Work for YOU

Cloud options : Microsoft365


Familiar tools made super easy

The software “formally known as” Office 365 gives you the most common business tools, without needing an on-premise server.

Cloud options : Infrastructure As A Service

Software tools for your core business needs

We can provide support for your business software, your ERP, MRP or other core business applications guiding you through cloud options like:

  • Azure
  • Amazon
  • Locally hosted cloud solutions

We can help you work out how to ensure your system is safe, secure and backed up irrespective of whether it’s all in the cloud, all in your office, or hybrid of the best of both worlds.  We’ll help setup ‘single sign-on’ (one user name and password for everything) or whatever else you need.

Finally, our KARE team can help you protect your PCs and mobiles, even if you have no server.

Cloud. On Your Terms.

Making the Cloud Work. for You.