What are the next steps for your AI Journey? (How to be Copilot ready)

by | May 15, 2024 | News

Are you ready for Microsoft Copilot?

How do your build your practical AI roadmap? 

How will you ensure your people embrace the opportunity, that your data is ready, that the skills to use AI are in place and you have the right AI governance in place.

How will you improve your data governance? Organisations should establish clear guidelines on how staff should share files – both internally with colleagues, and externally with third parties. Learn how you can avoid the “garbage in – garbage out” trap.

Balance functionality with security. How can you ensure that staff can easily do their job, share data and collaborate with colleagues and third parties efficiently, whilst also ensuring there are “guard rails” in place to prevent over sharing of data?

Demonstrate that you are managing your data risk. In our current era, regulations have intensified, stemming from privacy laws, cyber-insurers, regulatory bodies, and often, your own customers. The challenge lies in meeting their demands: demonstrating your comprehensive understanding of data loss risks and actively assessing your data exposure. How can you provide evidence that you diligently report on these risks and take timely measures to mitigate them?